7 top benefits of hiring corporate chauffeur driven vehicles for your clients

7 top benefits of hiring corporate chauffeur driven vehicles for your clients

Corporate chauffeurs add a dimension of comfort and luxury to your interaction with clients, bringing a high degree of professionalism and courtesy to your business dealings.

This means that your clients get treated to the quality service and etiquette associated with personal driver hiring.    We take a look at the 7 top benefits of hiring chauffeur driven vehicles for your clients:

1 – Safety

As a result of extensive chauffeur training as well as continuous experience with several different vehicles, a chauffeur driver has excellent driving skills. This means an in-depth understanding of how to operate each vehicle in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for passengers.

A corporate chauffeur has knowledge of the best routes, especially when it comes to avoiding traffic or roadworks which adds to your clients’ comfort.

2 – Courtesy

Being treated with respect and courtesy is an intrinsic part of the professionalism experienced with personal driver hiring. As such your clients can enjoy the added pampering of having the chauffeur take care to open and close their car door.  If clients are arriving from, or travelling to the airport, the chauffeur is there to assist with loading and unloading luggage, easing your clients’ travelling experience.

3 – Providing an optimal environment for work

Corporate chauffeurs are adept at accommodating their passengers.  In terms of your clients, this means that they can enjoy an ideal environment in which to get some last-minute work done.  The chauffeur understands the importance of work travel time, providing your client with a quiet working space.  Your client can then catch up on work so that their business travel is more relaxed.

4 – Setting a friendly tone

Everyone responds to a friendly smile and no more so than if your clients are travelling outside their home territory.  The polite greeting can help set the tone of the business trip, so that your client feels welcome, which in turn can impact positively on your interactions.

This reinforces the professional touch, where friendliness is counterbalanced with a formal, respectful manner. 

5 – Punctuality

Being on time goes a long way towards easing pressure.  This means that the chauffeur arrives early when fetching your client from the airport or a meeting, ensuring that the chauffeured vehicle is waiting at the pickup spot as soon as your client is ready to go.

If the client is being fetched from home, the driver will arrive at a nearby destination and only drive up to the designated address 5 minutes ahead of scheduled time.  In this way, the client does not feel rushed but can see that the driver is time conscious and punctual.

6 – Respecting privacy

A personal driver understands the importance of protecting and respecting clients’ privacy.  For this reason, the driver keeps answers strictly within the confines of your clients’ questions and conversation.

Additionally, as this is a work environment, the professional driver is at all times discreet and trustworthy, maintaining confidentiality in terms of any business details discussed in the privacy of the chauffeured car.

7 – Local Insights

Another advantage of a chauffeur is having a personal driver with knowledge of the local scene.  This can include in being able to advise your clients on where it may be best to buy certain items or even providing insights on the best local eateries and must-see places to visit.

It is the small details which can make a difference to your clients’ experience of a business trip.  In turn, this creates an impression, showing your company’s attention to detail and commitment to service excellence, establishing a solid trustworthy foundation for conducting future business.

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