6 Key ways to looks after clients with an event

6 Key ways to looks after clients with an event

Solid, genuine relationships and service excellence are two keystone ingredients to a successful business.  Both require the investment of thought, time, commitment and effort; going the extra mile in order look after your clients and employees.  One of the ideal ways to do this is to treat your clients or employees to entertainment, tailor made for their preferences, such as dinner at a special restaurant, a day’s outing at a spa, adventurous activity such as snowboarding or a top sporting event such as the Australian Open or the New Zealand Lions Series.

Entertainment is an ideal medium for connecting and developing a rapport in a relaxed environment which facilitates relationship building.  These are the times where memories are made and impressions are created. We take a look at ways to look after your clients and team with an event.

Here are 6 key factors to consider:

1 – Know your objectives

Define what you aim to achieve and the audience you are targeting in order to set the tone for an event.  Do you want to foster a good relationship?  Increase company loyalty?  Motivate sales? Show off your services and offerings?

Answering these questions helps to match the event with the relevant brand message. In turn, this creates a memorable event that resonates with your audience and enhances their connection with your business.

2 – Meeting your clients’ needs

Corporate events are all about understanding the needs of your clients in order to create custom designed entertainment.  With this in place, you are able to interact with your guests on a one to one level, ensuring the experience makes them feel special and important.

3 – Chauffeur driven vehicles

Getting your clients safely to and from the event allows them to sit back and enjoy the proceedings while showing that you care for their well-being.  Chauffeur driven vehicles can accommodate different sized groups. So for example, if you are hosting a teambuilding event you may opt for a mini bus in order to accommodate everyone together.  Whether you are looking for chauffeur service in Auckland or a chauffeur service in Australia, having a personal driver ensures your guests feel valued.

4 – How to Wine and Dine your guests

Catering to your clients’ tastes includes providing them with delicious local cuisine and drink.  This is an important part of the entertainment, giving them insights into new culinary experiences which contribute to creating an unforgettable experience.  Some ideas to include food and wine as part of the entertainment are visiting some of Sydney’s hot spots or a day’s outing at the Yarra Valley.

5 – Networking

An event provides the perfect opportunity for networking with your clients.  Whether or not this time is used to discuss business, the environment is conducive to establishing a greater rapport with your clients and further cementing your relationship.

As the host, you can also help put your guests at ease by introducing them to one another and helping them network in turn.  By creating the opportunity for potential new connections for your clients, you position yourself in a pivotal position of helping your clients to get ahead in business. This further enhances your relationship and their impression, increasing their likelihood of doing business with you.

6 – Momento of the event

Giving your guest something to take home reinforces the experience of the event, keeping it alive in memory whenever they happen to see the keepsake.  It also serves as a reminder of your company and offerings.  Mementos can include having an artist to sketch mini portraits of each guest or giving each guest a voucher or product samples.

Businesses are about people and people are about relationships. Creating opportunities to enhance your relationships fosters customer loyalty while also adding value and meaning to your client’s experience of your brand.  By taking care of the event from the bigger details such as the venue and the food to the smaller details such as making a guest feel welcome, adding a special touch such as flowers to a table, or organising a chauffeur driven vehicle, your guest feels cared for and important, setting the tone for an unforgettable event which facilitates further dealings with your staff and your clients.

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